Mission & Vision


To develop the institute into a reputed institution of the rural area as a place of higher learning with value base education and to empower women for social and national contribution.


To empower the rural deprived girl’s to contribute the main stream of nation for the cause of nation building with moral character.

Core value of the Institution

We are committed to teach our students the great values of humanity, compassion, brotherhood, equality, liberty, national integration, patriotism, democracy, secularism and religious harmony.

Institutional Code of Conduct for Teachers

  1. The teachers shall always be punctual in attending to duties in college.
  2. Treat all the students with love and affection and be just and impartial to all.
  3. Keep basic human dignity of students while maintaining discipline in the college.
  4. Recognize that every student has a fundamental right to receiver education of good quality.
  5. Encourage students to practice respect for others and to be thoughtful and helpful all the time.
  6. Help students to develop a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and independence.
  7. Keep the information and the knowledge updated with latest one.
  8. Devote full time, attention and abilities to the duties during working hours, in the best interest of the college.
  9. Maintain standard of integrity in all their professional relationships.
  10. Observe copyright laws on computer software audio-visual and printing material while handing over to students.
  11. Be a guide, friend of philosopher of the students

Code of Conduct for Students

  1. Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of discipline.
  2. Students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  3. All the students are expected to attend all the periods, college functions in college uniform.
  4. All the students shall wear their identity cards well displayed.
  5. Students are expected to maintain silence in the academic building.
  6. Political activity in any forms is not permitted in the college campus.
  7. Harassing juniors, ill treatment to other fellow students or any such of ragging is objectionable as crime offence by the law.
  8. Any act which amount to ragging in any forms as defined under the Maharashtra prohibition of ragging Act, 1999 and also under the UGC prohibition of ragging regulation 209.
  9. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones within campus.
  10. Intentionally damage or destroying institution property of other students or faculty members shall be treated as criminal act.
  11. Students are under the vigilance of CCTV cameras in college premises.
  12. Cleanliness must be maintained by the students.
  13. Keep the lights and fans off while leaving the class.
  14. Don’t waste water, use it carefully.