Capacity Building Initiative

Capacity Building Initiative

Capacity-building activities are critical for developing and strengthening skills, instincts, abilities, and resources of our students and allow them to adapt, and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Therefore, numerous activities are planned for students through multilateral partnerships and collaborations to enable students and faculty to innovate and respond to personal and societal needs. Our “Capacity Enhancement Initiatives” include:

Empowering students with

Language and communication Skill- All professional and personal interactions revolve around communication. We consider it to be an important skills and organise a number of programmes to help students improve their language skills. Activities to foster language proficiency in Hindi, English, Marathi are regularly organized for students.

Soft Skill

Students who excel in soft skills can be a valuable asset to any organization. Our soft skill training activities help our students to improve their personality traits, behavioral patterns, and social attitudes in order to effectively communicate, collaborate, and administer challenges, as well as to step out into a professional environment with confidence.

Other subject specific skill

Life skill

Some of our activities are designed to improve psychological, social, and interpersonal abilities that assist individuals in making wise decisions, thinking critically to solve problems and develop positive connections, empathising with others, and managing their life in a positive and healthy way. Under this we conduct activities for mental health, physical fitness, financial awareness, disaster management, human values, hygiene, and general well-being

Computing Skill

ICT refers to the use of technology for ordinary, everyday tasks to increase efficiency and adapt modern methods to carry out our daily tasks effectively. It is important for students to engage with ICT to learn 21st century skills and to adapt to a society dominated by ICT developments.